Urquhart Bluff Learn to Surf

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Urquhart Bluff Learn to Surf

Urquhart Bluff learn to surf is about 5 kilometers past Anglesea , just off the Great Ocean Road before you get to Aireys Inlet. It is a fantastic location to learn to surf as long as you stay in the correct area. Our instructors will make sure you keep away from a potentially dangerous rip near the rocks on the right. There have been a number of rescues of the general public (often inexperienced internationals) who go too close to the rip and get into difficulties. As a result it is important to stay away from the rip.

We provide 2 hour surf lessons every day during the Jan/Dec school holidays and on weekends up to Easter. These lessons include a full length Quiksilver wetsuit, a soft beginner surfboard and 2 hours of instruction and fun. We run the lessons in waist deep water to keep it safe even for poor swimmers. Outside the school holiday times our main customers at Urqharts Bluff are school and corporate groups. They stay at one of the many school camps in Anglesea or Aireys Inlet or a nearby hotel.

Urquhart Bluff learn to surf is away from the busy townships of Anglesea and Aireys Inlet/Fairhaven. It is quiet most of the time and only has a toilet block at the bottom of the track. But on a hot day in summer there will be a lot of other people looking for a quieter spot. The track to the beach can get cars parking on both sides and it can be difficult to get a parking spot.

The local Urquhart Bluff Boardriders club can often have several surfers catching right hand waves off the point. It is a good idea and much safer to keep out of their way to avoid spoiling their ride.